There came the storm that night It blew out the city lights A bit too dark inside We lit some candlelights up You kept me warm that night Under those candlelights Was dripping hard outside At last a safer place to hide —— Candlelight Sunset Rollercoaster 当房间里终于升起温暖的炉火,当我们终于感受到自由的温度, 也请不要忘记站在寒夜里,那些站出来抗争的人。 如果做不到站在他们身边,也请尽力为他们发声。 “没有任何一个年轻人应该为那天晚上的选择而被牺牲,他们曾经为了所有人勇敢过,现在轮到我们了。”

December 8, 2022 · 1 min · Aoi